Sabian 14" Crescent Element Hats

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Crescent Element by SABIAN represents the pinnacle of modern cymbal making. These unique cymbals offer amazing versatility and warm, rich attack, without sacrificing crisp stick definition and articulation. SABIAN 14” Crescent Element Hats are a Medium top/Heavy bottom pairing, fully hand hammered and traditionally lathed, then lined, over top. Crafted from pure SABIAN B20 Bronze and fully hand hammered in the SABIAN Vault, they offer crisp articulation when closed, and higher-pitched open sounds. A versatile pairing, they are at home in virtually any musical setting.

  • A versatile pairing for virtually any musical setting
  • Hand hammered and traditionally lathed and lined over top
  • Amazing versatility and warm, rich attack
  • Crisp articulation when closed, higher-pitched open sounds
  • Protected by SABIAN 2-year warranty


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