Pedal Projects Lionheart - Distortion

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The Lionheart distortion which is intended as a high gain distortion but is easily capable of beautiful low gain tones as well.

Top two knobs control volume and gain. The bottom two knobs are EQ controls. The "bite" control to the left is an active "tilt EQ" where you add bass and reduce treble when turning back but add treble and reduce bass when turning up the knob. The "prey" knob to the right is a passive treble control to tame the high end.

This pedal marks a new design for Pedal Projects where everything is board mounted, except for the soft touch switch which triggers a relay to bypass the pedal.


  • Huge gain range
  • Relay soft touch true bypass switching
  • Active "tilt EQ" & passive treble control
  • Top mounted power jack
  • 9-18V DC negative centre power
  • No battery support
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