Fender Rumble 150 Bass Head

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  • Model Name: Rumble(TM) 150 Head
  • Series: Rumble(TM)
  • Amplifier Type: Solid state pre-amp with efficient class "D" power amp



  •  Voltage: Array
  •  Wattage: Array
  •  Effects Loop: Balanced effects loop
  •  Inputs: One 1/4" Input with -6db Pad
  •  Auxiliary Input: Auxilliary RCA Input for CD/MP3 Player, Drum Machine, etc.
  •  Headphone Jack: 1/4" Headphone jack
  •  Line Out: XLR Line Out with ground lift
  •  Extension Speaker Jack: Two 1/4" parallel wired jacks
  •  Channels: One channel with selectable overdrive
  •  Controls: Volume, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive On/Off, Overdrive Blend, Punch EQ

 Preset, Scoop EQ Preset, Bass, Low-Mid, High-Mid, Treble



  •  Output Impedance: 4 Ohm
  •  Amplifier Length: 7.1" (18 cm)
  •  Amplifier Width: 12.82" (326 mm)
  •  Amplifier Height: 2.94" (75 mm)
  •  Amplifier Weight: 5.5 lbs. (12.1 kg)



Unique Features: Full featured, professionally voiced pre-amp, High efficiency digital power amplifier, quiet, variable speed fan cooling, OVERDRIVE effect with GAIN and BLEND controls, Optimized for bass to give mellow warmth or heavy distorted tones, PUNCH & SCOOP preset EQ shapes for finger and slap style tones, 4-Band Active EQ, Delta Comp(TM) Adaptive Compression Circuitry, XLR LINE OUT for direct recording or live use, Effects Loop (balanced for noise-free connections), Headphone Jack



  • FootSwitch: Sold separately: Overdrive On/Off, P/N 0994052000 or P/N 0994054000 (Vintage Style)
  • Knobs: Black with white dot marker
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